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    The headquarters is located in southern China Central City - Guangzhou, the value of shares and Netac Seiko group joint-stock build Guangzhou weighing equipment limited company, covers an area of 100 acres, plant area of 12500 flat rice, is our country weighing equipment manufacturing enterprise with advanced technologies, its customers worldwide in more than 50  …[More]

    The SCS/ZCS series of all-digital electronic truck scales designed and manufactured by Zhongheng Group has advanced international  …
    The value of service throughout the installation and maintenance of equipment verification, to whole project process, you can
    Truck scale More >>
    Laboratory balance, balance, analytical balance, precision balance, rapid moisture tester, weight scales, special application …
    Platform scale More >>
    Tolerance to any bad work application of reliable solid type platform scale. Recognized weighing technology can ensure the hig …
    Monitor More >>
    For each industries producing all kinds of weighing apparatus has a history of one hundred years. We understand and pay attent …
    Weighing sensor More >>
    We provide a full range of analog and digital weighing sensor, weighing from simple to meet the requirements of high-speed dyn …
    Weighing module More >>
    Weighing module is a weighing part, generally by the weighing transducer, load transfer device, mounting connecting piece and …
    Explosion protection More >>
    The value of electronic weighing system for electronic platform scale, electronic truck scale, hopper scale. Ultra high bright …
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